Onsite Engineering Department

Sloanebuilts first-class engineering department leads the way with computer aided drafting, design, and stress analysis which ensures conformity of construction, reliability, and compliance with all relevant Australian Design Rules (ADRs). All Federal Office of Road Safety submissions of Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs) with RMS are performed in house allowing total control and flexibility, eliminating the dependency on consultants and a much smoother and quicker process for our customers.

Engineering Under the Big Roof

What sets us apart?

Computer generated electronic customer build sheets are created for each individual build and are retained as a 'Bill of Materials' (BOM) ensuring adequate and correct product support for the life of the build, and Conformity of Production (COP) as required by the Federal Office of Road Safety. Warranty records are also maintained for individual bodies and trailers so we can look at its history no matter who the current owner is.

Our high level of documentation and detail when drafting and engineering with either the most intricate designs or a standard trailer allows our customers the ability to give us a call and say, “just my usual, thanks”, and we have a record of exactly what their order is from past builds.

Find out more about how you can have a say in your trailer design instead of ordering something run-of-the-mill when your business demands anything but standard.