Onsite Wheel Alignment

When you're on the road, safety and comfort are paramount, more so in a heavy vehicle. Properly aligned wheels help to keep your ride safe, smooth and comfortable to make sure you get home safely at the end of each day. Incorrect wheel alignment can also hurt your back pocket if issues are not seen to and repaired quickly thanks to unnecessary ride and load vibrations, excessive fuel consumption and increased wear on your truck and trailer tyres, suspension and parts. Not to mention the overall safety for you and other drivers on the road.

A proper wheel alignment ensures you get the most out of your gear and keep your ride comfortable and your load safe. At Sloanebuilt we offer wheel alignments to new and existing customers from our well-equipped repairs and service department with the help of our highly trained and skilled specialists to get you back on the road sooner and safer than before.

It is imperative to maintain your truck and trailers wheel alignment no matter the size of the truck or trailer or what your freight is. Incorrect wheel alignment can cause strain and stress to the truck, trailer and driver with a high chance of the vehicle or trailer pulling to one side if the alignment isn't correct. This causes danger to the driver and other road users, excessive wear on your tyres, vibrations throughout the truck and trailer and undue stress on the suspension from the increased vibrations.

The excess stress on the truck and trailer from incorrect wheel alignments can also impact fuel consumption, service intervals and part replacements. These are all things that can have a big impact on the back pocket of any owner driver, or business owner. Wheel alignment can have a great impact on overall total cost of ownership and at Sloanebuilt, we are driven to keep your unit, whether it is a Sloanebuilt or not, in peak condition to continue working for you as safely and efficiently as possible long into the future.

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