The New Paint Shop Under the Big Roof

Turn heads with an eye-catching custom Sloanebuilt paint job.

Working with our specialist paint shop team with an eye for detail, you are able to create custom paint designs that suits your company style, and enhances the look of your truck, trailer, or equipment. Using only the highest quality PPG 2-Pack paint, Sloanebuilt Trailers delivers striking and professional custom paint designs day in, day out. Our customers can also benefit from the beauty of in house hand-painted scrolls and pin-striping, to further enhance your fresh, unique, and striking new look on your new or existing truck, trailer, or equipment.

Whether the paint work is accenting and decorating a new build, or restoring the original paint work on your vehicle, Sloanebuilt pride itself on ensuring that your vehicle will look more striking, and better than ever. 


Sloanebuilt has had a proven record of producing high quality products and finishes for the past 35 years. Time and time again, Sloanebuilt has pushed the envelope with design and innovation, not just in our workshop and engineering departments, but also in our paint shop; in 2019 we successfully restored and repainted a private helicopter for one of our customers and earthmoving equipment for another. We have had the pleasure of restoring and repainting a number of other machines, vehicles, and pieces of equipment since then.


The new state-of-the-art Sloanebuilt facility is the perfect place to cater to your next custom request, currently equipped with revolutionary and industry leading spray booths and blast-booths to support quality finishes every time. Our new manufacturing facility boasts double heated spray-booths, a dedicated paint-mixing room, and double blast-booths. These new features allow Sloanebuilt to increase the amount of custom paintwork being delivered to the public. Using only the highest quality PPG products on all our jobs, helps to set the bar high when it comes to quality, superior finish, and longevity.

Is it time to treat your truck, trailer or equipment to a fresh new look?

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