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Sloanebuilt’s custom made Rollback trailer can be manufactured as a bogie axle or tri axle trailer as part of a B-Double combination and can also be used as part of a Road Train/B Triple combination.

The team at Sloanebuilt will custom design your Rollback B-Double trailer to ensure you meet legal dimensional requirements, while maximising your payload.

Manufactured to various lengths, a Sloanebuilt Rollback trailer will allow tipping in front of the first axle and to a maximum height of 2500mm to suit your application.


Body Constructed from high tensile aluminium sheet & plate, with High tensile 6000 grade extrusions featuring rounded corners and two piece huck-bolt style top, coaming available in wide or slim variants.
  -       High tensile fabricated steel chassis with rollback design
  -       Air operated body lock
  -       Bisalloy wear plates
  -       Hi-strength greaseable roller bearings
  -       Controls in a lockable box
  -       Aluminium monocoque construction
  -       Tip over axle design (full-chassis tip available)
  -       Double or single tipping arms
Floor 6-8-10mm full length floor sheet thickness options
Walls 5mm high tensile bright aluminium plate.
Tail Gate Air release featuring dual maxi chambers, 5mm sheet finished flush to the outside with rubber seal surround.
Suspension BPW and Hendrickson air bag suspension and axle options
Brake System ADR approved brake systems with EBS options featuring roll stability
Hoist EDBRO Hoists.
Lighting Round L.E.D rear lighting and Hella L.E.D side clearance/indicators.
Standard  Equipment Alcoa or JOST aluminium 10 stud wheels with Bridgestone R187 11R22.5 trailer tyres.
  Dual tyre carrier (B Trailer only).
  Single grain chute and locks.
  Jost two speed manual landing legs.
  Jost A Trailer turntable.
  PPG autothane two pack paint.
Options Body height, suspension and axle combinations, disc braked axles, wheels and tyres, toolbox, water tank, floor thickness, extra grain chutes, grain locks, rock sheeting (Fitted to Sides and Tail gate), painted Sides, tarp systems, person access doors, access rungs, and ladders.
Tare Weights A TRAILER
  19 Metre – From 5700kg
  25 Metre – From 7200kg
  19 Metre – From 4800kg
  25 Metre – From 6400kg