With over 30 years of experience, it is not hard to see why we are the preferred choice, but don't just take our word for it, see what our customers have to say!

JT Earthworks and Bulk Haulage

“It really was a no brainer; the product looks good and is well built. At the time, we really had no idea about PBS requirements. The team at Sloanebuilt took the time to listen to what we needed and guided us through every step including PBS applications. Following the first truck build I cannot speak highly enough of the team at Sloanebuilt, you can go in with an idea and they are happy to discuss it with you. At times some of my ideas might seem a bit silly, but they do not run you down. Instead, they might guide you to slightly different variation of what you thought you needed, they really do have a solution to all your problems. Going into the Sloanebuilt facility is really welcoming, you are treated like family, they encourage you to drop in and view you build in progress at any time. The sales team also send regular photos, so you are kept up to date, nothings a problem. The build for the tridem and quin-dog took six weeks from start to finish. Whether you have one truck or one-hundred trucks, the guys at Sloanebuilt treat you the same, their back-up support is phenomenal, they have been really good to us. I would be happy for my business in the future to just have a yard full of Sloanebuilt equipment.”

James Tiedeman, JT Earthworks and Bulk Haulage

Dubbo Regional Council

"Following the delivery of four trucks with Sloanebuilt tipper bodies and three super-dog trailers, the Sloanebuilt team were fantastic to work with. They have great product support and the quality is in a class of it's own. I would highly recommend Sloanebuilt."

Daniel Peterson, Dubbo Regional Council

Paul Isaac Transport

I purchased my trailers off Sloanebuilt in October last year and I have been nothing but happy with the trailers since their arrival.

The trailers arrived on time and built exactly the way they were ordered. The sales team were honest and very helpful in helping to design exactly what I wanted.

I would definitely recommend Fred and his team

Paul Isaac
Paul Isaac Transport

Bohud Transport

"As always, our trailers were delivered on time and everything was as ordered. Thanks for delivering another great product!"

Scott Jones, Bohud Transport

Borg Civil

"At Borg Civil, we always aim for high expectations in quality, reliability and after sales service of the equipment we purchase. We have chosen Sloanebuilt Trailers time and time again and have been a repeat customers over the years for those very reasons."

Kevin Peterson, Borg Civil

McCarthy Haulage

"Our experience with Sloanebuilt Trailers was very satisfying. We could not have asked to be looked after any better than we were. Scott was great and really knew what he was talking about and could not have looked after us any better. He kept us up to date with what was going on during the whole process. It was a pleasure to do an order with Sloanebuilt Trailers."

Des, McCarthy Haulage


"In previous businesses I have used different brands of bins and trailing equipment and had some issues. The Sloanebuilt product is second to none and the service levels they provide, from the initial builds to the back-up service or maintenance, is exceptional. We can send a new truck over to Fred and the team and its built ready to work in three weeks. You just don’t get that anywhere else"

Danny Joseph, Loadranger

Kim Haulage

“Sloanebuilt for bodywork and trailers is our standard choice throughout our fleet. It’s our belief they are the best when it comes to PBS requirements. They understand it far better than any other and their knowledge is far superior to anybody else.”

Ken McClelland, Kim Haulage

Guildford Demolition

"We're very happy with the Sloanebuilt product, and although we've had Sloanebuilt bodies before in our fleet, this is the first brand-new version built exactly to our specification. We are very happy with the quality and the whole experience has been good, from buying the new Kenworth through Sutton's of Arncliffe to working with Sloanebuilt,"

Huss, Guildford Demolition

Select Quarry Materials

"When I started Central Quarry Materials back in 2006, Sloanebuilt Trailers was my preferred supplier for all truck bodywork and trailer requirements. At the time, the relationship with Sloanebuilt was particularly important to us because of its expertise and involvement with PBS-compliant trailers. It went without saying that, as we created Select Quarry Materials, we would be working with Sloanebuilt. We have continued a very long solid long-term business relationship for over ten years, starting with truck and three-axle dogs, then to four-axle dogs, and it has continued as we became one of the first operators of five-axle dog trailers and 10x4 rigid tippers in Sydney. Sloanebuilt Trailers continues to work closely with our workshop, and as part of its customer support program it maintains a consignment stock of OEM parts located at the SQM workshop to cater for regular service requirements. The inventory is monitored and replenished by Sloanebuilt direct, to ensure that stocks are on hand, such as brake shoes, brake boosters, slack adjusters, etc., complimenting the tyre stock of new tyres already mounted on alloy rims and other parts such as filters and lights. In quieter times, our service team is also able to work with Sloanebuilt to undertake refurbishment programmes for older trailers, making sure that all our equipment incorporates the latest in technology upgrades. The overhaul gives even an older trailer the ability to remain in service behind a new truck and bin with good reliability as well as maintaining the very high level of fleet presentation we require."

Mark Allen, Select Quarry Materials

Bedrock Quarry Products

"The quality from Sloanebuilt is why we have now standardised on their tubs and trailers. Every time you raise the bin and look underneath; you can see where the quality is built into the product. It is now very refined and very reliable. The way the hoses and wiring are clipped to the body; the care taken to get everything right the first time. You do not have any issues with their products, which are excellent together with their service levels. Sloanebuilt also takes care of all the PBS paperwork for compliance."

Mick Colley, Bedrock Quarry Products

Benedict Sand and Gravel

"Choosing Sloanebuilt for the truck bodywork and the dog trailer was the best thing I ever did. Tim and the team could not have been more helpful and gave me a lot of assistance in the final specification. The advantage of the Sloanebuilt Low Rider design of aluminium tipper is that the bin sits halfway down the chassis, to provide a low centre of gravity. This benefits the combination of stability and safety and combined with Sloanebuilt's vertical shock or quad shock front axle option, ensures the trailer tracks and handles perfectly on the road.”

Eddy Galea, Benedict Sand and Gravel

Dad and Dave's Tree Services

Thank you for building me this magnificent tipper body for the Isuzu Giga. From Bennett to the engineers, welders, spray painters the workmanship was all first class. This truck was very much custom designed by the Sloanebuilt Team and I so it was a bit unique even as a woodchip body. It was basically built to drop trunks in and cart chip. Not the easiest combination to work out but to Sloanebuilt....They did it .
Well done!

Dave Romyn, Dad and Dave's Tree Services Pty Ltd Kirrawee.