Why Use Sloanebuilt?

Our engineers and research and development team are passionate about delivering the right trailer for your payload and job application. They thrive on any challenge you may throw at them.

Sloanebuilt design and manufacturer all our trailers on site, and we have the knowledge and expertise to build you the rigid body and trailer combination to suit all needs. Our engineering team split weigh and measure each truck, carry out weight distribution calculations, then custom design, and build each body to suit your application.

Whether its heavy demolition work, bulk quarry, or grain fertiliser bio-solids to hot-mix, we have a trailer for you that will not only look good, but will exceed all your expectations.

Why should you choose a Sloanebuilt Trailer to get behind your business?

  • History and reputation of delivering high quality trailers for over 30 years
  • A 100 strong staff, designers and engineers here to custom build a trailer for you
  • Over 100 designs to cover a whole range of industrial, agricultural and primary industry applications from mining, construction, civil, farming, grain, and quarries
  • Accredited service agents and repairers
  • Mobile spare parts service van
  • Wide range of genuine OEM spare parts
  • All our trailers are designed to ensure you meet all legal weight and size requirements
  • NHVR approved, PBS compliant 4 and 5 axle dog trailers
  • Latest technology equipment to handcraft your custom-built trailer to your exact specifications
  • Emphasis on quality, performance, reliability, and innovation

What's special about a Sloanebuilt trailer?

There are a number of features and benefits that are incorporated into a Sloanebuilt trailer, that come as standard fitment across our range. All trailer chassis’ are grit blasted, prepared and painted in PPG 2 Pack Paint in our gas heated spray booth. This offers the best longevity and durability for the trailer chassis working in our harsh conditions.

E Max fully sealed wiring looms with sealed dry box are standard fitment, ensuring electrical issues are kept to a minimum. Inline air filters are fitted standard to supply and service air lines on all dog trailers to minimise the risk of contamination to the air system on coupling and uncoupling of the trailer. Body safety props are standard fitment on bodies and trailers ensuring safety is a priority. Trailers are laser wheel aligned in house to maximise tyre wear and ensure correct trailer tracking.

  • All bodies and trailers have an electronic build sheet stored on our computer data base, we also store photos of each body/trailer built to ensure uniformity for customers’ requirements.
  • Genuine Edbro or Hyva hoist options.
  • Australian made Premium Capral bright plate aluminium.
  • SBT Rollover Tarps are designed and manufactured in house.
  • Genuine Hella LED lighting.
  • Australian made Bluescope Steel.
  • Genuine Alcoa wheels.
  • Wabco EBS featuring roll stability as an optional add on to all units.
  • Steelwork grit blasted in house for maximum paint adhesion.
  • Quality tyres from brands like Bridgestone and Goodyear.
  • Genuine Hendrickson and BPW road friendly suspension and axle options.
  • By simply supplying the body number or trailer chassis number, we can quickly source the information regarding your vehicle, and provide accurate information for spare parts supply, warranty, etc. for years to come.

Our Production Facility

Sloanebuilt’s state-of-the-art factory boasts 5 overhead cranes, drive through bays, wash bay, grit blasting facility, specialised heated spray booth with paint mixing room, water jet cutting machine, machine shop etc.

This ensures our customers receive an edge with faster reaction times for truck body / trailer manufacturing, maintenance, and repairs without compromising on quality and craftsmanship.

Sloanebuilt Trailer's is also currently in the process of constructing a new state of the art facility. The facility is set to be industry-leading, with additional equipment consisting of seven overhead cranes, and two state-of-the-art spray booths.

'Sloanebuilt Trailer's state-of-the-art factory - completely specialised to produce quality products'
'Conformity of construction, reliability, and compliance with all relevant Australian Design Rules'


Sloanebuilt Trailers’ engineering department leads the way with computer aided drafting, design, and stress analysis which ensures conformity of construction, reliability, and compliance with all relevant Australian Design Rules (ADR’s). All Federal Office of Road Safety submissions of Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN’s) with RMS are in house allowing total control and flexibility, eliminating the dependency on consultants.

Computer generated customer build sheets are created for each individual build and are retained as a 'Bill of Materials' (BOM) ensuring adequate and correct product support for the life of the build, and Conformity of Production (COP) as required by the Federal Office of Road Safety. Warranty records are also maintained for individual Body/trailers.

Company Objectives

Sloanebuilt is dedicated to manufacturing competitively priced equipment with a high standard of finish and build quality to set a benchmark within the tipping trailer industry and to enhance its reputation of dependability.
Structural integrity with cost and weight saving factors balanced with competitive pricing to produce a dependable trailer are the aims of the Sloanebuilt team. Build quality, before and after sales service, and product support is paramount to Sloanebuilt's philosophy of dependability.


Longevity of Componentry

Suppliers of components fitted to the Sloanebuilt trailer must pass stringent performance criteria before any components are put into service. Components are not necessarily chosen on weight or price as durability and reliability must be maintained.

After sales back up from suppliers of components must meet the Sloanebuilt Criteria. All of the components recommended by Sloanebuilt have the necessary after sales back-up and services available to keep the trailer on the road working, and have suitable services and workshops to accommodate repairs/replacement of parts if required.

Product Support

Upon delivery of each build, Sloanebuilt supply documentation including manufacturer’s handbooks for suspension and axles, hoist, tow couplings, Sloanebuilt recommended service interval sheets, safe operating procedures, risk assessments, drivers daily pre-start checks, and warranty information.

RMS information sheets for B Doubles and Truck/Dog combinations are also included if required.

Repair Workshop

Sloanebuilt have a dedicated repair workshop with the capacity to perform repairs, maintenance, and refurbishments on a range of trailers including a wide variety of other makes and models.

With over 100 staff, Sloanebuilt have the capacity to be highly reactive – from emergency repairs, accidental damage, mechanical repairs, laser alignments, trailer roll overs etc.

We are a preferred repairer with various insurance companies thus ensuring a complete coverage of all your repair requirements.

Spare Parts

Sloanebuilt’s in house spare parts team pride themselves on being reactive to ensure your vehicle has minimum downtime.

With our mobile spare parts van – the “Sloaneranger” – Sloanebuilt can come to you to ensure your spare parts needs are met with minimal inconvenience.

You can also order spare parts via our online spare parts shop which is ideal for our remote customers.