We are proud to offer support to our local and national community.

Here at Sloanebuilt, we pride ourselves on community; both in and outside of the workplace.

Sloanebuilt have been supporting Tom Sargent in his venture in Motor Sport since 2018. We have seen Tom in Formula Ford and now in his latest Porsche GT3.

Hailing from Young, and racing since he was 7. Sargent then progressed into Formula Ford in 2017 and won the National Championships in 2021.

Young Tom is going places, fast! We’re so fortunate to be part of the journey 🏁



Camden Rugby Club is a local team for Sloanebuilt. The team began in 1975 with a mix of Camden locals, new residents, and university students whom were attending University of Sydney's Agricultural facility located on Werombi Road. The team started successfully, making it all the way to the grand finals, only to lose to Wollongong University.

The club has continued to grow and provide for the community, now sporting multiple age grades, both for men and womens' rugby.