Taking the next step

By: Sloanebuilt Trailers

Taking the next step.

For over 25 years Sloanebuilt has built a reputation for manufacturing tipping bodies and trailers to suit its clients' requirements. In order to take its performance-based standard (PBS) trailer offering to the next level, the company has now called upon Arisun Tyres to complete the picture.

Raising the bar at all levels of production is a characteristic New South Wales-based Sloanebuilt Trailers is willing to embrace, especially when it comes to expanding the portfolio. In 2014, the company began looking at options to boost its' PBS offering not only from a trailer body point of view, but also the tyres fitted to the unit.

       For Sloanebuilt, the market for tyres supplied with PBS data had always seemed somewhat limited in terms of tyre distributors, but this year was different according to Freddy Marano, purchasing manager at Sloanebuilt Trailers.

"In the past, finding a company that could offer PBS-approved trailer tyres proved to be quite difficult and for a number of reasons - including costs, lead times, and market demand," Freddy says. "However, in the past 12 months we have seen an increase in the demand for PBS-approved trailers isnce customers are now wanting to freight more load on lighter weight trailer combinations, and by doing so by using most roads."

After scouting several Australia tyre companies with PBS-data available, Sloanebuilt decided on Melbourne's Arisun Tyres, a company that had already experienced success with its Chao Yang range of PBS-tested tyres. Keen to find out more, Sloanebuilt contacted Arisun's Managing Director, Dallas Scholes.

"Sloanebuilt was very direct with what they wanted for their next job and in the time frame they needed them in. In fact, they were one of the first companies we supplied our new Goodride tyre range to that we released at the 2014 International Truck, Trailer, and Equipment Show in Melbourne," he says. "Ever since the show, we have been supplying Sloanebuilt with plenty of our Goodride range."

Arisun is one of the few companies that supply truck and trailer tyres with PBS data in Australia. Once Sloanebuilt made its decision, the company purchased multiple sets of Goodride tyres to be fitted to 15 new truck and dog combinations for a local NSW customer.

According to Sloanebuilt, the new PBS tested Goodride trailer tyres contain reinforced treads designed for added durability and are quite strong die to a full four belt casting built in with a new cut and chip tread compound. "The construction of the casing will also assist  in protecting the tyre across all surfaces especially the work those new 15 truck and dog combinations will perform," Freddy explains. "The main advantage is the PBS approval on those tyres, which all came at a very competitive cost, especially when the trailers will be predominantly used in site work and landfills for on/off road applications". Now an established name in the commercial road transport market, Sloanebuilts on going success has pushed its operation into overdrive. "The orders are quite frequent at the moment".