How to Take Care of Your Truck Trailer the Right Way? 4 Essential Tips


For better fleet management and for ensuring a safe trip, routine truck maintenance is essential. If you are proactive with your truck and trailer's maintenance, you are more likely catch problems before they turn into something more significant. Taking care of your truck and trailer the right way will not only save you money, but it will save you time, and possibly a life, as well.

So if you are a truck owner or operator, then the below-mentioned tips will help you take care of your truck and trailer the right way.

Look After the Tow Coupling

One of the essential things to check before heading towards the road is to look at whether your trailer and vehicle are properly connected or not. Always remember that a well-maintained tow coupling is important for safety. It is particularly essential to inspect the trailer coupling regularly to ensure that the trailer and vehicle are connected properly for the duration of travel and whenever the vehicle and trailer parked during trips too. With that said, if you want your truck and trailer to continue performing brilliantly in the longer run, then truck and trailer inspection and tow coupling inspection are both essential. Did you know Sloanebuilt Spares are able to help you with your new and replacement tow coupling parts and kits? View our tow coupling parts here.

Inspection of Tyres Is Vital!

Maintenance of tyres is vital for any vehicle, especially when a large truck and trailer can regularly put a lot of weight on the tyres. Make a habit of checking the tyres for any signs of significant wear or damage before starting every trip. Further, you should consider replacing your tyres if they appear to have lost a substantial amount of tread. To ensure you are operating safely, you should check your tyres air pressure to avoid unnecessary damage and wear, and adding to your regular running costs and overall total cost of ownership. Inadequate air pressure and inflation can shorten the life of your tyres, affect your vehicle's performance and engine condition from having to overwork, and can even cause a tyre to fail and burst. Not ideal if you have a load on board that has a time sensitive deadline.

Keep It Clean!

Cleaning your truck and trailer inside and out will keep it in pristine condition and can also positively impact your business' image while out and about on the worksite, or on the road. Keeping your truck and truck trailer clean is also crucial because the debris and salt that stick to the exterior can eat away the protective layers of paint. It can result in corrosion and rust. Over time this build up can also affect the operation of your trailer and its moving parts which can also impact your day-to-day operations with slower productivity and can affect your load capacity if there is excess build up in the trailer bin or on the deck.

A well-maintained truck and trailer also appeal to a wider number of secondhand truck or trailer purchases when the time comes for you to upgrade your equipment and will likely draw in a larger sale price. This benefit comes from keeping your truck and trailer in good condition inside and out regularly, not just at sale time. Frequent cleaning is necessary. Click here to view the cleaning products available from Sloanebuilt Spares to keep your fleet looking and operating its best.

Check Fluids

Never forget to check your levels of brake fluid, engine coolant fluid, washer fluid, power steering fluid and lubricants. Remember that all these fluids play an essential role in the safe operation of your truck. However, this does not mean that you need to change these fluids frequently. But the regular checkup of these fluids will help you ensure that there are no leakages or more sinister problems caused from a leak and you are able to remain proactive to any refilling requirements that your truck or trailer may need from time to time.

Bottom Line
A truck and trailer provides many benefits to a business. However, if you ignore your truck and trailer's maintenance, the chances are that minor problems will develop into major ones over time. And you may end up spending money that you could have saved with regular detailed maintenance checks.

If you have left your maintenance too long or a repair is required and you don’t have time to take care of it, contact the Sloanebuilt Repairs and Service team. At SBT, you can not only get your truck and trailer repaired or purchase spare parts for your repairs, but you can find a brand-new trailer too! Contact our sales team if you are interested in upgrading any of your fleet.