Customer Journey | April 2021


April had us seeing double at Sloanebuilt, with a pair of new A-Doubles going out to their new homes along with a pair of new ACCO’s heading up to Queensland for delivery. Add to that our wideners, plant trailers, truck and dog, and semi tippers, and April added up to a huge month for deliveries! Stay up to date on our socials and website.

Iveco - Rigid Bodies
Double Trouble

These brand new twin shiny Iveco Acco’s are heading back to Queensland to have their lazy-axles fitted up prior to delivery to their new owners up north.

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Select Quarry Materials - PBS A-Double

Our incredible friends at Select Quarry Materials have upped the ante with their first foray into the PBS A-Double world today. Their new Sloanebuilt tandem combination will bring home a 52 tonne payload each trip, every trip, dramatically increasing productivity for their business.

Big thank you to Mark, Michael and the full team at Select for their years of loyal support.

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