Why Sloanebuilt Trailers


Our motto is “Meeting Standards, Exceeding Expectations” and is more than just a catchphrase, it is the ethos that we have built our business on and governs our operations every single day. For almost thirty-five years, our trailers have been a preference for custom rigid bodies and truck trailers in the Australian market. We understand just what it means to operate vehicles of this nature throughout Australia and the needs that our customers have, which is why we offer a range of services and products from designing, engineering and manufacturing superior truck trailers to the maintenance and repairs in our onsite service and repair departments. We know just how important road safety standards are, so we ensure that all trailers that come into our workshop, whether they are manufactured by us or not, pass truck trailer inspections and meet all standards. We also offer custom trailer or truck paintwork, wheel alignments, truck trailer rebuilds and truck and trailer servicing and repairs. The road can be a rewarding place to work, so we want to ensure that our customers get the best out of their job, which is why Sloanebuilt Trailers is the company to trust and has been for over thirty years. 

Choosing a Truck Paint Colour

If you are planning to paint your truck or your truck trailer, then choosing a paint colour is not something that should be an afterthought. When you are on the road, many different factors can come into play when it comes to the colour of your truck or trailer custom paintwork so before hiring somebody to paint it, there are some things that you should consider. Remember that being in a truck, you are already very visible on the road. If you are using your truck or truck trailer to advertise something, then increasing the visibility is something that you may be seeking but remember, when it comes to things like fuel economy and future resale value, then colours can play a role. Dark colours can increase the heat inside the truck, just like light colours can deflect it, so depending on where you live, choosing a colour to suit either of these conditions may be preferable. Using the air conditioner or the heater for extended periods of time can have an effect on just how much fuel you use. While this may only be a small amount, over time, especially if you are a commercial truck driver who is constantly on the road, this can add up.  Certain colours can also depreciate over time, and trends go in and out. A colour that may be popular now, may not be as trendy in the future, so going with colours that are consistently popular may be the way to go unless you do not mind repainting when you are planning to sell. A lot goes into picking the right colour for your truck, so take the time to make the decision to get the best out of your vehicle.

Australian Conditions

There is nothing quite like Australia. Depending on where you are living or working, different areas have different conditions; from climate to the scenery and environment, this is something that makes Australia so unique. This is also something that can be a pitfall when looking at trucks or truck trailers designed and manufactured overseas, that may not have the various conditions that drivers in Australia face to take into consideration when being manufactured. That is why finding a company who can custom make your truck trailer to suit the Australian conditions is an absolute must. It is important that your trailer is strong, reliable, and durable. The intense heat, the rugged terrain and in some places, the excessive rain and wind, your truck and trailer must be able to do more than just withstand these conditions throughout parts of Australia. With there being so much space and so much distance between places in Australia, it is also a possibility that a truck and it’s trailer may have to travel long distances to get where it needs to be and do this frequently. This means they must be durable and able to spend hours upon hours on the road, across all different terrain. The reliability of a truck and its trailer is just as important as the person driving it, so make sure you are not letting anybody down by seeking out the best truck and trailer to get the job done.