Unleashing the Power of an AUKUS Partnership

By: Sloanebuilt Marketing

Sloanebuilt Trailers Welcomes Esteemed Guests to Host Groundbreaking AUKUS Forum Series Site Visit Event

SMEATON GRANGE, July 20, 2023 – In a remarkable display of innovation and collaboration, Sloanebuilt Trailers, a leading name in the Australian Heavy Vehicle manufacturing industry, proudly hosted the “Unleash the Power of AUKUS”. The series event took place on July 20th at Sloanebuilt’s state-of-the-art 9-acre facility located in Smeaton Grange. As part of this groundbreaking initiative, Sloanebuilt welcomed esteemed representatives from various industries and governmental bodies to explore the latest developments and insights in the forum.

The AUKUS Partnership: A New Chapter in Defense and Security
AUKUS, the Australia-United Kingdom-United States Trilateral Security Partnership has opened up unprecedented avenues for advancements in the defence and technology sectors. It has marked a significant milestone in cooperation between the three nations aimed at fostering a safer and more secure Indo-Pacific region. The agreement – intended to strengthen the ability of each government to support security and defence interests – builds on long-standing and ongoing bilateral ties.

Site Visit Highlights
Usually held every 3rd Thursday of the month at UTS Tech Lab, the AUKUS Forum invited Sloanebuilt to display their capabilities in their July meeting. The series brings together key stakeholders from the three countries to develop and oversee defence capabilities under AUKUS. This site visit exemplifies the importance of practicing local manufacturing and supply chain efforts within Australia to foster stronger international collaboration.

The event was comprised of three main sections followed by a facility tour with the opportunity for exclusive networking amongst attendees. The forum commenced with a warm welcome from the Chairman and Director of the AUKUS Forum, Michael Sharpe. With a plethora of experience and strong passion, Mr Sharpe is a well-connected business leader focused on business transformation. At the helm of the AUKUS Forum, his leadership and unrivalled ability to connect with key decision makers, allows him to comprehensively inform attendees about AUKUS and explore new opportunities for collaboration.

Mr Steve Milanoski, Director Manufacturing Technology for the AMRF, followed Mr Sharpe with a powerful keynote presentation on advanced manufacturing research facilities. Previously the Head of Advanced Manufacturing at Romar Engineering in Western Sydney, Mr Milanoski is an engineering leader whose experience in design, analysis and developing spaceflight performance models, provide critical knowledge in strengthening the collaborative efforts in the AUKUS partnership.

Mr Peter Burton, Operations Director of Unipart Group Australia spoke about supply chain collaboration efforts for the future of AUKUS. With his 30 years of professional working knowledge and experience, Mr Burton’s expertise provide opportunities for collaboration amongst attendees to mutually benefit all organisations and AUKUS.

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Facility Tour
Led by Sloanebuilt’s Managing Director, Fred Marano and Head of Strategy and Senior Management Advisor, Mythili Sarathy, attendees were given a comprehensive guide through the state-of-the-art 9-acre facility. This tour provided exemplary insight into the production and manufacturing capabilities Sloanebuilt has to offer to Australia and for potential to export globally with the AUKUS Forum. From computer-aided design (CAD) tools to complex welding and advanced quality control systems, the site visit highlighted the power of technology in delivering top-tier trailers to meet diverse customer needs.

Celebrating Partnership and Collaboratiom
In the spirit of AUKUS’s collaborative ethos, the site visit event provided attendees with valuable opportunities to engage in networking and the exchange of ideas. Representatives from defence, transportation, technology, and governmental sectors had the chance to discuss potential collaborations and mutually beneficial partnerships. This event was monumental in achieving a sense of camaraderie between the three nations, inspiring attendees to envision how collective efforts can unlock new possibilities for the Australian economy and the world.

As the AUKUS partnership continues to foster cooperation among Australia, the UK, and the US, Sloanebuilt stands ready to embrace new horizons and lead the way in trailer manufacturing, empowering potential international industries to shape a better tomorrow. Unleashing the power of AUKUS is collaboration, innovation, and ingenuity.