Choosing the Right Trailer for your Business


Road Train Converter Dolly

At Sloanebuilt Trailers we'll manufacture Converter Dollies customised to the configuration of your choice. If you're in the space for a tandem or tri axle configuration, Sloanebuilt Trailers have the ability to fully cater to your requirements. Further to our offering on customisable configuration, for convenience we also fit the Converter Dolly with an ADR certified drawbar with heavy-duty 50mm bolt on tow eye and fitted drawbar springs. As a commitment to our customers, our team will work with you to ensure your mix of requirements and compliant with all legal dimensional requirements. We do this in a bid to help you maximise your productivity and to get the most out of your payload. Some of the specs on our Road Train Converter Dollies include, but also not limited to, the quick release dolly converter configuration, your choice of plastic, stainless steel or rubber belt mudguards, ten stud alloy wheels with the options of steel or chromed available, BPW or Hendrickson suspension as standard, with other options available to you. The standard equipment you will benefit from when choosing Sloanebuilt Trailers includes EMAX fully sealed wiring loom with sealed dry box, chassis grit blasted, prepared and painted in PPG autothane baked 2 pack paint, air filters on service and emergency airlines and front hook up pogo style configuration with shut off taps. With quality-built truck trailers, the need for you to experience trailer repairs could become a thing of the past.

Drop Deck Widener

At Sloanebuilt Trailers we have great appreciation for quality made truck trailers as we know that these keep your business, and ultimately the world, moving; so, it's more than just a trailer. We take great pride in offering our Drop Deck Widener truck trailer as they have scope for versatility in what can be hauled on a Drop Deck Widener. In true Sloanebuilt Trailers fashion, we enjoy seeing our customers get a vehicle that is customised to their needs so they can run their operations as smooth and efficiently as possible. Our Drop Deck Wideners are generally designed to 45 feet in length overall (13,760mm), the bottom deck widens from 2,490mm to 3,700mm for safe loading of various forms of machinery or other haulage items you might be transporting in your operations. With versatility in mind, these trailers have the ability to be customised for maximum adaptability with additions like gate pockets, container pins, winches, bi-folding ramps and more. All you have to do is have a word to our team and we can run through extensive options of additions available. With our on-site engineering team at your disposal, they will work with you to ensure your drop deck widener trailer maximises payloads and works as efficiently as possible for you.

Choosing the Right Trailer for your Business

Truck If the time has come where you're now in the need for a more suitable truck trailer for your operations or maybe the scope of your operations have changed or your volumes have picked up; choosing the right trailer for your truck has some real significance to the success of business. Your choice of trailer could be the difference between you recording a profit or a loss on the work you are carrying out as well as compliance matters in relation to state and federal regulations. Despite the choice seeming fairly straight forward, there can actually be a little more than meets the eye when it comes to selecting the right truck trailer. From our experience, you should start by considering your needs with trailer functionality. For example, you should be asking yourself questions like, What loads will you typically be transporting? What are the average lengths of your trips? Other considerations are to determine the trailer's size, based on the amount of goods for an average delivery. You should also be factoring in considerations like how much product you will load and unload from the trailer or the frequency that you will need to load and unload as well as the configurations of the loading docks that you use. One thought that can often slip an owners mind is the scope of growth you could experience. Do you have potential for growth and maybe the need for a larger trailer? Our team at Sloanebuilt Trailers are happy to provide some guidance in the area.