Choosing the Right Custom Truck Trailer

By: Sloanebuilt Trailers

A and B Double Combination

If you are looking for unrivalled A and B Double Combination Trailers that are available in a wide range of sizing options, then any truck trailer enthusiast needs to head to Sloanebuilt Trailers. Regardless of your hauling requirements, Sloanebuilt Trailers has a range of trailers that will maximise your payloads, helping to add value to you and your clients. Sloanebuilt Trailers is a nationally renowned manufacturer of truck trailers and has a reputation of strength, durability and most importantly, reliability. Our custom tailor made Rollback or Sliding A-trailer options can be created to your specifications, whether it be a bogie axle or through to a 3-axle trailer as part of a B-Double combination. Also being able to be utilised as part of a Road Train/B-Triple combination, they provide an easy to use allowance for functionality of tipping in front of the front axle. All of our A-Trailers come standard with Air Operated Body Lock, H-Strength greasable roller bearing, hardened steel wear plates and a lockable box for that added layer of security. Our B Double Combinations are also unrivalled, leading in the industry with being precisely designed and manufactured. With our B-Double’s offering lengths of 9,000mm long in a tri-axle configuration, 6,475mm in a tandem option and a maximum height of 2,500mm, as well as a standard inclusion of Aluminium monocoque construction, Tip over axle design with the option of chassis tip available and the option of Double or single tipping arms, at Sloanebuilt Trailers, we meet standards and exceed expectations.

Rigid Body Trailers

A rigid body truck trailer is perfect for a range of applications. Whether you are driving for heavy demolition and bulk quarry haulage or using it to transport organic material like grain, fertiliser, hot mix or bio-solids, at Sloanebuilt Trailers, we can provide you with the right rigid body truck trailer to suit your needs. Let our expert sales team and specialist engineers work with you to come up with the right specifications for your needs. We can design and build you a custom rigid body truck trailer to help maximise your payloads while still being able to work as efficiently as possible, which not only will be a benefit to your clients but to you as well. At Sloanebuilt Trailers, we can offer you a custom made and designed rigid truck trailer body in either aluminium or hardened steel as material options. Sizes are quite generous, spanning right up to 7,500mm in length, with side sheets going up to 2,500mm. We know that not every job is created equally, so having a custom-built truck trailer for your work is important. That is why our rigid body truck trailers are available in a range of wheel configurations. Whether you need four, six, eight or even a sturdy ten wheels, we have you covered at Sloanebuilt Trailers.

Flat Top Trailers

One of the most versatile and widely used truck trailers in our range, our Flat Top Truck trailers, are able to service a broad range of industries. At Sloanebuilt Trailers, we know the importance of versatility and being able to customise your truck trailer, so we allow full customisability of our Flat Top truck trailers. That way no matter what industry you work in or what you use your Flat Top truck trailer for, we can help build one to your requirements. Our specialist team of engineers are not just experienced, but approachable and professional too, so they will be able to work with you to provide you with the best truck trailer for your needs, allowing you the cartage you need while keeping you efficient and reliable in your industry. That is why if you need a Flat Top trailer specifically engineered for you, then you cannot go past Sloanebuilt Trailers. It is our aim to always help you achieve optimal results and be able to do your job the most efficiently and productively, so our in-house options are many and varied. With numerous types and sizes of ramps, gates and selections of pins and risers, you will find exactly what you need at Sloanebuilt Trailers. The specifications on our Flat Top Trailers always include the I-Beam Chassis, being able to choose from a 3mm, 5mm checker or flat plate deck and a range of other options for customisation so you can get the right truck trailer for your requirements.