Camden Mayor and Deputy Mayor Witness Manufacturing Excellence in Action at Sloanebuilt Trailers

By: Sloanebuilt Marketing

Cr Ashleigh Cagney and Cr Theresa Fedeli visited Sloanebuilt in a remarkable display of support and recognition for state-of-the-art excellence in manufacturing.

SMEATON GRANGE, July 24, 2023 – Sloanebuilt Trailers, a leading name in the Heavy Vehicle trailer and tipper market, proudly hosted Camden Council members Mayor Ashleigh Cagney and Deputy Mayor Theresa Fedeli in a showcase of excellence in Australian manufacturing. The visit took place on July 24th at Sloanebuilt’s state-of-the-art 9-acre facility located in Smeaton Grange. As part of this official visit, Sloanebuilt affirmed and strengthened the importance of partnership between the local government and the area’s businesses.

A Celebration of Local Ingenuity
The prestigious visit was marked by a warm reception from Sloanebuilt’s Managing Director, Fred Marano, who led the esteemed guests on a comprehensive manufacturing facility tour. As the Mayor and Deputy Mayor traversed through various sections of the facility, they witnessed first-hand Sloanebuilt’s commitment to innovation, quality, safety, engineering and sustainability.

Acknowledging Manufacturing Expertise
Throughout the facility tour, Mayor Cagney and Deputy Mayor Fedeli were thoroughly impressed by the intricate engineering and design processes, cutting-edge technology, state of the art machineries and skilled craftsmanship demonstrated by Sloanebuilt. They praised the company’s commitment to providing top-tier trailers that meet and exceed customer expectations showcasing their expertise and dedication to the Heavy Vehicle manufacturing industry.

Strengthening Local Ties
The visit served as an opportunity for Camden Council representatives to witness how Sloanebuilt’s manufacturing prowess and capabilities positively impact the local economy to create employment opportunity and career pathways for the local talent. Mayor Cagney and Deputy Mayor Fedeli expressed admiration for Sloanebuilt’s contribution to the region, remarking on the company’s significant market share in the tipper’s industry, employment ratio, apprentice program, tie-ups and collaboration with local vendors.

As Sloanebuilt continues to raise the bar in Australian trailer manufacturing, the Camden Council reaffirmed its unwavering support for businesses that propel the region’s growth and development. The Mayor’s visit reinforced the bond between the local government and business community, fostering an environment conducive to innovation, collaboration, growth and economic prosperity.

The visit also provided an opportunity for the Mayor and Deputy Mayor to engage in meaningful discussions with Sloanebuilt’s management team about future collaborations and ways to further enhance the growth of the local talent pool. Since the local area population is expected to increase by 121,144 persons by 2041, this visit highlighted the importance of investing in localised Australian manufacturing capabilities and talent; ways that Sloanebuilt can contribute with the local government in this growth journey.

Paving the Way Forward
As the tour concluded, both council representatives and the Sloanebuilt team expressed their eagerness to continue collaborating in future initiatives that support innovation, local talent, and the growth of the Greater Western Sydney area.

“We are honoured by the visit of the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Camden. Their support and encouragement mean a great deal to us, and we remain committed to fostering strong ties between local businesses and the community,” concluded Alfred Marano.