The Dunn Road Facilities

Sloanebuilt Trailers are proud of the investment in the local area and the industry they have made. Part of this commitment is the new state-of-the-art multi-million dollar production facility. Thousands of hours have gone into designing, planning, and producing Sloanebuilt's biggest adventure yet.

Dunn Road Statistics

New Building Facilities:

Spare Parts Retail Store: The new Spare Parts Retail facilities at SBT now offer our customers over 8,000 quality products to keep their trucks and trailers on the road and operating their best at all times. Our extras and accessories items will also keep your Sloanebuilt products looking their best too with a wide range of accessories available including mudflaps, lights, cleaning products, toolboxes and guards. Speak with our spare parts experts about our extensive product range and get the right parts for your job.

Weigh Bridge: Our new inhouse weigh bridge enables us to get your trailer registration process completed quicker with a more streamlined approach and allows us to get you hooked up to and on the road with your new trailer, sooner.

Drivers Waiting Room: Make the most of your downtime in our quiet and comfortable waiting room, grab a hot tea or coffee and catch up on emails using our free guest WIFI, tidy up your logbooks, return business or personal phone calls or simply enjoy the spare time to flick through some of the latest industry magazines all while your service or repair is carried out just on the other side of the viewing window.


Big Show: At SBT, we are able to press steel as needed thanks to our new monster LVD machine. Lovingly named The Big Show and weighing in at 170 tonnes, we are able to press metals with a force of up to 1,000 tonnes. The European manufacturers have created a system that allows multiple operating modes to ensure optimized Art to Part times with the help of touch screen controls, and 2D and 3D graphic material handling sequences to ensure we're remaining as efficient as possible to get your custom trailer rolling out of our factory in minimal time.

Plasma: A welcomed addition to our Dunn Road facilities is our plasma machine which ensures we receive superior cut quality on aluminium and mild steel sheets for every job with sharp and consistent cutting. The plasma increases our manufacturing productivity time and the final product quality thanks to the increased cut speed and cut quality.

Drive Through Bays: The new Dunn Road factory is now equipped with 4 drive through bays with the ability to accommodate longer combinations including A and B Doubles. The height of the factory also makes these drive through bays impressive allowing even our largest combinations to be in a tipping position comfortably within the factory walls.

Paint Shop:

Using only the highest quality PPG 2-Pack paint, Sloanebuilt Trailers can deliver striking and professional custom paint designs. Sloanebuilt can bring a unique and striking look to your new or existing truck and/or trailer. Sloanebuilt Trailers offers the beauty of hand-painted scrolls and pin-striping, in house. Our experienced expert team will work with you to create a custom design that suits your company style, and enhances the look of your truck and/or trailer. Whether the paint work is accenting and decorating a new build, or restoring the original paint work on your vehicle, Sloanebuilt can guarantee your vehicle will look more striking, and better than ever.

Service and Repairs:

Same great service and repairs department you have trusted with your business for over 30 years, now just bigger and more efficient. Moving our service and repairs departments into our Dunn Road facility has allowed us to increase our capacity into a larger working area to get you in and out more efficiently and getting you back on the road sooner.

Let our service and repairs team take care of your:

-      Chassis extension to OME with engineering certificates
-      Refurbishments
-      Rollover rebuilds
-      Suspension repairs and replacements
-      Insurance and emergency repairs
-      Mechanical repairs
-      Accidental damage
-      Laser alignments
-      Wheel and axle alignments
-      Axle replacements
-      Wheel bearing inspection and overhaul
-      Brake adjustment and relining's
-      Shock absorber replacements

Pull Plates:
We've invested in our repairs department with additional new pull plates to complete customer repairs like straightening chassis' and removing twists from the trailer at a more efficient pace and a more concise finish to minimise customer downtime and maintain the trailers' structural integrity.

We cannot wait to show our customers around our new home once a new date for our Grand Opening has been confirmed. Browse through our website or visit us on Facebook and Instagram for event updates, career opportunities and latest news.