Tailored Trailers

By: Sloanebuilt Trailers

Sloanebuilt Trailers Business Development Manager Bennett Haberbusch talks to Roads & Infrastructure about the benefits of custom-made asphalt trailers.

Lansdowne Bridge was built by convicts between 1834 and 1836 and is considered a key example of Australian colonial architecture.

The iconic sandstone arch has the largest span of any surviving masonry bridge in Australia and its size, appearance, and durability function as an early example of quality engineering.

Located approximately 1.6 kilometres southeast of Goulburn town centre, the bridge functions as a travelling stock route and carries heavy vehicle traffic throughout the area.

In 2018, mobilisation began on a $18.6 million project to upgrade and replace the Lansdowne bridge, with the aim of bringing the structure into the 21st century.

Works include widening lanes and generating shared pathways across the bridge.

Design and civil infrastructure company Abergeldie was engaged as head contractor, while asphalt paving company AviJohn was subcontracted to carry out all aspects of new road surfacing.

Earlier this year, the project reached a significant milestone when 30 precast concrete girders weighing up to 23 tonnes each were installed, marking the project’s half-way point.

According to Bennett Haberbusch, Sloanebuilt Trailers Business Development Manager, AviJohn has been running Sloanebuilt trailers to successfully manage these works.

“Sloanebuilt is no stranger to largescale infrastructure works, so we were more than ready to supply AviJohn with quality, asphalt industry-tailored trailers for the Lansdowne project,” Mr. Haberbusch said.
“We design and manufacture all our trailers on site, and have a wealth of specialist knowledge to build trailers and ridged body combinations to suit any payload or job application.”

         Mr. Haberbusch said Sloanebuilt engineers split weight and measure each truck, carry out weight distribution calculations and then custom design and build each body to suit the customer’s application.

“We custom designed a rigid tipper and tri-axle dog trailer combo for the AviJohn team, and I’ve only heard positive things about their performance,” he says.

“All bodies and trailers have an electronic build sheet stored on our computer database, which outlines all dimensions, components and items used in the build – which allows us to ensure uniformity of customer requirements.”

Mr. Haberbusch says all Sloanebuilt are grit blasted, prepared and painted in PPG 2 Pack Paint in the company’s heated spray booth.

“This offers significant longevity and durability for the trailer chassis when working in harsh conditions,” Mr Haberbusch says.

“Body safety props are also a standard fitment on bodies and trailers, which ensures safety as a priority.”

According to Mr. Haberbusch, every Sloanebuilt trailer is manufactured at the company’s New South Wales factory.

“Sloanebuilt has a dedicated repair workshop with the capacity to perform repairs, maintenance and refurbishments on a range of trailers, including a wide variety of other makes and models,” he says.